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Spring cleaning: don't just do the obvious

If you’re using the upcoming long weekend to start thinking about a spring clean, don’t forget to purify your energy! Many believe that negative energy can cause poor sleep, a lack of motivation, strong negative emotions and anxiety. Smudging acts as a way to cleanse and neutralise energy, and the act has been used by American civilisations for thousands of years.

No cleaning chemicals or white vinegar needed – here’s what we suggest:

Burning sage is a great energy neutraliser. Treat it like a complete energy reboot. It’s therefore great for new homes and businesses who want a fresh start.

White sage smudge stick and leaf clusters
Sustainably grown White Sage

Used by South American cultures, Palo Santo translates to “holy wood”. It’s a great cleanser and the piney, citrus wood leaves a beautiful scent. Our Palo Santo is all sustainably harvested from Peru.

Sustainable Palo Santo from Peru

A new addition to our collection, this box includes bundles of the most popular aromatic plants used for cleansing energy; white sage, mugwort, cedar and desert sage.

The Smudge Box

Happy cleansing!


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